I Serve A Savior Fan Package

I Serve A Savior CD + DVD + T-Shirt

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This package includes the I Serve a Savior album on CD, the I Serve a Savior DVD and a t-shirt. The CD features studio recordings of the I Serve a Savior album tracks, along with 3 live performance tracks. The DVD features live performances of the I Serve a Savior album tracks as well as an interview with Josh conducted by Bill Gaither. The t-shirt is a choice of black unisex t-shirt featuring the image of Josh from the album cover, or a burgundy unisex t-shirt with lyrics from the album. 100% cotton.


1. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

2. I Serve A Savior

3. Great Is They Faithfulness

4. I Pray My Way Out Of Trouble

5. I Saw The Light

6. Without Him

7. The River (featuring The Turner Family)

8. Long Black Train

9. How Great Thou Art

10. Doxology

11. Me and God

12. Amazing Grace


1. I Saw The Light (Featuring Sonya Isaacs)

2. I Pray My Way Out Of Trouble (Featuring Bobby Osborne)

3. Great Is Your Faithfulness

4. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

5. Without Him

6. I Serve A Savior

7. How Great Thou Art (Featuring Sonya Isaacs)

8. The River (of Happiness) Featuring the Turner family (Live From Gaither Studios)

9. Amazing Grace

10. Long Black Train (Live From Gaither Studios)

11. Doxology

12. Me And God (Live From Gaither Studios)